A SAD LOSS TO BOTH TAXI AND PRIVATE HIRE TRADES , for those that didn’t know Brian, http://www.npha.org.uk/about-us

Dear Friends and Colleagues:

 You are cordially invited to celebrate the life and share the memories of Bryan Roland, on Wednesday 23 March 2016:

 Funeral service 12.00pm St James’ Church, Barry Street, Greenacres Moor, Oldham  OL1 3NG

 Committal and blessing  1.00pm     Blackley Crematorium, Victoria Avenue, Blackley, Manchester  M9 8JP

 Reception buffet from  2.00pm  Woodthorpe Hotel, Bury Old Road/Sheepfoot Lane, Manchester  M25 0EG

 Please let us know as soon as possible if you are able to attend any or all of these, as we need to inform the family of numbers for the church/crematorium and catering arrangements for the buffet.

 We look forward to seeing you.  Thank you all for your condolences and good wishes.

 Kind regards,


Donna D Short (Mrs)

Director/Company Secretary

National Private Hire Association

Tel:- 0161 280 2800

E-mail donnadale.npha@btconnect.com




Ultra Low Emission Taxi Briefing and Networking


Please take a moment to complete the attached survey:



SUNDAY 21/2/16

See full story in General issues


Trafford Council 

Are Trafford Council bringing down the GM Trade?

Are Trafford Council letting GM passengers down?

Trafford councillors have voted to do away with the knowledge Test

That`s when the trade are paying for officers wages to carry out the knowledge test.

Are Trafford Council trying to become the new Rossendale?

When devolution is just round the corner in GM

Trafford is lowering Standards in GM

I’m sure the one hundred million plus passengers that use private hire and taxis in Greater Manchester each year would agree!

I hope the voters of Trafford remember this!



Open Link –  Electric Taxi -Private Hire Funding Event

Greater Manchester Private Hire Association 



Important Announcement

 Date: Tuesday 2nd February 2016 Time: 10am-12noon

Location Floor 24, City Tower, Piccadilly Plaza, Manchester, M1 4BT

Join TfGM and others for an interactive briefing session on how Greater Manchester can provide funding through national bidding to help with electric vehicle purchasing, infrastructure  and lowering running costs.

The morning event will:

• Introduce the overview for taxis/private hire vehicles in Greater Manchester and opportunities for operators

• Explain the bid process and how you can help improve our chances of winning

• Explain how funding can be gained and how it may work to lower costs for drivers and operators

• Host a panel session for questions

• Provide a vehicle display demonstrating electric vehicles for taxi / private hire

Both Manchester and Salford private hire associations have been working closely with both council officers and TfGM to bid for part of 20 million pounds of funding.

Don`t miss out on attending this special briefing event

To Register to attend this FREE briefing event  please go onto the following link-



Salford MP Barbara Keeley looks at congestion in her constituency


Twitter If you are a constituent in Worsley & Eccles I am looking at ideas to improve traffic congestion on our roads, see



Twitter @Binthebuslane1  Aiming to get the ridiculous bus lane that has been added to the scrapped to ease congestion along it’s route/surrounding areas. binthebuslane@outlook.com


End of Out of Town Rossendale taxis in Manchester? 

Reports just in, unconfirmed at the moment. Rossendale Council have last night implemented the “Intended Use Policy”

This means ‘ I understand ‘ that from March this year all vehicles which do not work in Rossendale will be on their last license.
No doubt this will hit the Press today and be read by all both trades .


Have Manchester Council got it wrong? YES 

Are Manchester council wrong not to license this 2015 blue wheel chair adapted vehicle? just because its BLUE? there’s not a taxi or private hire driver that hasn’t seen an out of town vehicle that is BLUE in colour, with Manchester Operators stickers, the same applies to all the colours of rainbow working in Manchester.

Whilst the colour vehicle policy was a good idea years ago, since Parliament passed”cross border hiring” in October last year the colour vehicle policy it should be thrown out.

Embedded image permalink

What have these 3 Transport Interchanges got in common? More than 11,000 Greater Manchester private hire drivers know, Millions of private hire passengers know, TfGM know and so does Manchester council know but what have they done about it? NOWT!


No set down points for family motorists or private hire drivers







Manchester Council new license Fees

What a surprise they are, or are they? we “assume” they are correct in the meaning of the 1976 act.

1,The cost of a 3 year driver licence will be the same as that for an annual licence. Likewise the cost of a 5 year Operator Licence will be the same as that for an annual licence. We say Correct!

2,The cost of issuing a licence (the administration cost) is the same whether that licence runs for a day or 5 years. Likewise it does not matter if an Operator has one or six hundred vehicles the administration cost of issuing the licence is the same.We say Correct!

3,The time taken in issuing the licence was not seen to be impacted upon in any material way by the size of the Operator, therefore it was not felt to be justifiable to continue a banded system.We say Correct!

4,Activity (admin and compliance) directly attributed to Operators is included within the administration fee.{£650 for a 5 yr license} Not sure!

5,Activity defined as relating to vehicles is now included within the calculations for vehicle related licences. We say Correct!

Cost of a 5 year Operator License in Manchester £650 Grab a Bargain?  NO its just set correctly, as we think it should be set.

The 1976  Miscellaneous Act  stated one set fee £25 for a driver and £25 operator license, it didn’t say £25 for one vehicle and another set price for 600 vehicles. The Manchester driver made an objection to the way the operator fees  were set in Manchester and now Manchester have changed the way operators fees are set?Well done Manchester Council!

Coincidence or not? they have been changed to what we think is right! Do we have to act and bring in the ombudsman ?

Court Case – The rule was that a charge could not be made unless the power to charge was given by express words or necessary implication. Those last words imposed a rigorous test going far beyond the proposition that it would be reasonable or even conducive or incidental to charge for the provision of a service.

So can any licensing officer in the UK or in GM  inform us where it states you can charge an operator based on the number of vehicles the operator has? more officers are now understanding the law, hence the number of councils, as Manchester have done, set the fees correctly, Liverpool for one, well done Manchester and Liverpool officers!

Salford Council 

What does the word “Assume” Mean ? try reading page 10 of the following  link https://www.salford.gov.uk/d/2010-2011_-_Annual_governance_report_-_Salford_CC_v1.0.pdf

The Greater Manchester Private Hire Association {Manchester & Salford} and National private hire association wholeheartedly agree with this GM officers  statement 100%

Manchester Airport Police Warning! 

As the airport police, our priority is the safety and security of all users of the airport.  While this most certainly includes your drivers they have a far more important role to play as regular users of the airport and we are keen to develop a good working relationship so that we can benefit from their knowledge and observations while they are here.

The terminals are a particular concern because they are a focal point for large numbers of people at all times of the day and night.

Some of your drivers will know first hand the devastating potential of a vehicle borne explosive device as was seen at the Arndale centre which is why we are very focused on the road system, particularly around these locations.

Key messages within this are: HERE


Rossendale Council propose new policy for taxis

So here’s the GMPHA view so far:  Rossendale

Did You Know 

Shortly we may have some very good news for both taxi and private hire trades throughout GM !


Manchester City Council the GMPHA alongside Manchester private hire association wrote to Manchester councillor Kate Chappell asking several questions in relation to extending the one year driver and operator licenses ASAP. More here


Chimney Pot Park Junction of Langworthy Road and Liverpool Street  2.40 am with rain and sleet coming down, my private hire car was damaged by an unknown person throwing a full bottle from above, some 30 ft above. Whilst the police actually witnessed what happened the culprit fled the scene. The moral of this story is whilst the buses and trains get the support from the government {grants for policing etc} we get absolutely nothing.  This incident could have killed me and my passengers




                                      Let`s never forget Gadget


Alan Henning - captured by ISIS rebels and threatened with beheading

                                 Alan Henning Fund ( Gadget) – Donate Here

A memorial fund for Alan and Barbara’s Henning’s children has today {7/10/14} been launched by Salford City Council in collaboration with Salford Online. Read more on this HERE




Travel News!         Check the Traffic  on all parts of the M60 here, updated regularly. Images are supplied by the Highways Agency  see map





































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Trade News

Hi Folks, we are still here working behind the scenes, yesterday we attended a A2AA meeting ( Access to all areas) last week after replying to TfGM 20/40 consultation we attended a meeting in Manchester with 3 TfGM officers.

Yesterday we tweeted Trafford Council are failing GM by not having a knowledge test for both taxi and PH drivers, we got 2 tweets back from Trafford councillors they are reviewing the knowledge test in the new year to hopefully get it back! To late I stated the damage has been done, Why should one set of drivers not have to undertake it and the majority of Greater Manchester drivers have too?

We know it’s hard out there, with all the out of town drivers taking work from you, until the Deregulation Act is changed I’m afraid we are stuck with it.

It would help if you went on our twitter page or joined our closed Facebook Book, more on that shortly! If you have any issues or help don’t forget to let us us know by joining this site.

Derrick Brocklehurst the Manchester Association Secretary is on board all we need now is more GM associations and drivers to react with us, the sooner the associations join up, the sooner we get all 10 GM United together!


Got a Story  Then email us and we will share your story for others to comment on it.


Salford Highway Issues


GMPHA meet up with TfGM Meeting arranged for 19/1/16

GMPHA meet up with Salford MP Barbara Keeley soon! to discuss Transport Secretary Reply

GM Bus lane Fight

Follow Twitter @Binthebuslane1