The fund, which has been created in agreement with Barbara Henning, will be open until Tuesday 16 December to allow anyone who wishes to donate in Alan’s memory.  Funds raised will be used to provide financial support for Alan and Barbara’s children.

Ceremonial Mayor, Councillor Christine Hudson said: “Alan travelled to help people of others faiths in their time of need, a truly heroic thing to do. He was obviously a very kind, caring man who was simply putting others before himself and imagine what the world would be like if it was full of people like Alan.

“This fund will allow anyone who wishes to donate in his memory to help safeguard the children’s future, as he would have wished. I appreciate others have also started funds for both the family and the project Alan was involved with. This provides another option to donate via Salford City Council for the people who wish to support in Alan’s memory.”

The fund has been set up and you can donate here

Salford City Council has also pledged to work with Alan Henning’s family to identify the most appropriate ways to commemorate his life.

City Mayor Ian Stewart, who paid tribute to Alan, said: “At present we are all still reeling from the dreadful news. We had hoped that Alan would be released home to his family and friends but tragically that was not to be.

“When the time is right and his family feel able, we want to discuss an appropriate way to commemorate Alan’s memory as a true son of Eccles and Salford.  We cannot and will not rush this; the family have asked to be left to grieve in peace and we must all respect that.

“In the meantime the council in collaboration with Salford Online are setting up this memorial fund for Alan and Barbara’s children and has also set up books of condolence for people to sign at the Civic Centre Swinton and Eccles Gateway.  An online book of condolence at for people around the world to sign and to remember Alan is also available.”

In a bid to maximise donations for the family, the council in collaboration with Salford Online are also offering local businesses or organisations the use of collection buckets. All they have to do is phone  the City Mayor’s office on 0161 793 3432 or email and arrange collection of a tamper-proof bucket from Salford City Council. All monies must be returned to the Civic Centre, Swinton by Monday 15 December.

Mr Stewart added: “Alan gave help to everyone, no matter what background they came from and we need to remember his kindness and humanity. Let’s pay tribute to Alan by pulling together as one community and remembering a kind and caring man who was just trying to do good for others in need.”

The city of Salford private hire association and the Greater Manchester private hire association support this link to donate   to Alan’s family.

please make your donations here



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Yesterday we tweeted Trafford Council are failing GM by not having a knowledge test for both taxi and PH drivers, we got 2 tweets back from Trafford councillors they are reviewing the knowledge test in the new year to hopefully get it back! To late I stated the damage has been done, Why should one set of drivers not have to undertake it and the majority of Greater Manchester drivers have too?

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