What has Manchester, Salford and the entire UK taxi and private hire trade got in common?

Answer – We want the licensing fees up and down the country to be more or less the same as Ministers wanted them to be in 1976, that’s not saying we want them at £25 , its stating we want fees to be more or less the same up and down the UK.     Example  £800 for one vehicle operators license in Manchester, In  Salford it was £209 now £140 and in Sefton  1-2 vehicles only costs £25.00

How can one council commit to only charging £25 in 2013, the same fee as ministers stated in 1976 and hundreds charge well over the odds?    

Salford and Manchester private hire associations and several taxi drivers with the help of the national association brought  in the audit commissioner, the auditor has seeked  his own legal view on what is chargeable which has led us to  fund  our own QCs opinion.


From left to right Brian Rowland {national association}Tommy McIntyre {Unite the Union}Kenny Green {Salford PHD donating £10} Glennys Glover {Mainline all the 7S  handing over a cheque for £3,000} Pat Connor {GMB union}  Less Caffrey{ director of Mainline all the 7s}

How could we afford to get a Q Cs opinion? well that’s down to the city of Salford private hire association asking the trade for donations which led to drivers and one Salford operator namely Mainline all the 7s donating  generously but we now need the whole UK  taxi and private hire trades to donate monies as soon as possible so we can consider filing an appellants notice at the the administrative court in London by the Friday 12th July 2013.  All donations must be made ASAP by contacting the National association on 0161 280 2800.  Manchester Operators as well as Operators up and down the country have already donated monies to get to court, but we want you to join in that fund raising to get our fees down across the UK, don’t sit on the fence on this, otherwise you will be paying increase after increase.

Up and down the country associations are battling it out with councils to get license fees lowered, the 1976 miscellaneous act is clear to read but it needs to be clarified by a court.

In Salford having got the audit commissioner in twice  we have now got the taxi and private hire license accounts ring fenced and as a result operators and driver license fees have already come down.   The question is have they come down enough? After  proposing one set of lowered fees recently they have come back and lowered them again.

In 1976 the Miscellaneous Act stated  £25 per operators  license, it didn’t depend on how many vehicles the operator had, it was just one set operators license fee of £25.  For example the act  didn’t state £25 for one vehicle and another set price for more than one vehicle, it merely stated one set license fee of £25 per operators license.

In Salford prior to the auditor coming in it was £209 for an operators license with one vehicle . These following councils show that even in 2013 they offer value for money, with Ashford even lower than in 1976

1, *  Ashford      up to 3 vehicles 3 year license £73*

2,*     Sefton 1-2 vehicles 1 year license £25 *

3,*   Brentwood 1 vehicle 5 year license £125 *

So why should Salford charge £209 from 2006 – 2013? when these councils still charge a low license fee for 1-3 vehicles ? Well now as a result of the cspha Salford council  have ringed fenced the taxi and private hire licenses and look whats happened ?

Operators fees  have been lowered in Salford the lowest they have been since 2005, With the one vehicle operator license  the lowest its been since 2001

1  vehicle  from £209 to £140  Saving £69 per annum.   

2-4 vehicles from  £272 to £175  Saving  £97 per annum.

5-10 vehicles from £458 to £278  Saving £180 per annum.

11-20 vehicles from£523 to £389 Saving £134 per annum.

21 plus vehicles from £597 to £410 Saving £187 per annum.

Private hire driver  license fees 3 year

New license from £251 to £220  Saving £31

Renewal License from £125 to £108 Saving £18

Kindly get those donations in asap contact 1016 280 2800 and get those license fees down in the UK.


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