Transport for Greater Manchester and Salford Council .

Are they both parties doing enough to provide  door to door transport and access for all in Salford ? – Admin thoughts after reading  the DDA- Equality Act and Salford councils 2010 door to door transport evaluation 

Two Issues A and B on “access for all”

A, For those disabled or elderly residents who have a blue badge that can drive a vehicle or have a family member or friend that can drive them around Salford.

B, For those disabled or elderly residents who have a blue badge that can’t drive or don’t have anyone to drive them around Salford.

What is the difference between the two when setting down in Salford? For this story we will place the letters A and B at the side of the example given and give scores out of 10 based on drop off points for door to door transport and access issues like dropped kerbs, so for example one Pendleton shopping mall { front shops only on photo} we must give the following-

Example One – Pendleton shopping mall   A 0/10  B 0/10

      P1011521 P1011519

This is the largest shopping Mall in Salford, a bus lane and several bus stops cover the entire front entrance and shops, if any disabled or elderly person wishes to get dropped off at these shops, they simply cant get dropped off where they wish unless they use Public Transport or taxis and for some elderly and disabled residents that’s physically impossible.   The referendum result shown that the majority of residents didn’t want to be forced onto Public Transport  i.e bus, so why are they no drop off and pick up points along these front row of shops for those people who prefer not to use public transport or black cabs? Councillors will state there is a drop off point for taxis in the middle of this front row of shops, but with only 100 black cabs covering the whole of Salford,  I will ask how can  up to  1000 private hire vehicles passenegers alight that cant or don’t want to use public transport , black cabs or Ring and Ride?  Why hasn’t the council supplied the same space for private hire vehicles or the common motorist ? Comments  please!

Example two The revamped Crescent  train station  A0/10  B 0/10

We have shown previously in the Manchester review a good example of non integrated transport at the new Shudhill bus station in Manchester, One would seriously think after Salford council proposing what I call the A10 Planning policy that councillors and officers  would implement that policy on the new revamped Crescent Train Station but they haven’t full stop, as far as Im concerned unless you are in a taxi or on a bus you cant legally be drop off or picked up at this new revamped train station.  Today 9/9/13 I took the following pictures- Can you see any passengers queuing for taxis, well Im not  surpised with no cover in the pouring  rain.?

  P1011550 P1011553

2013 and no integrated transport to this train station unless you use a taxi or a bus.

Has anyone tried to get out of a vehicle on this rank that leans two ways away from the footpath?   Mission impossible comes to mind for some old people.

Salford  councils {Proposed} Planning policy A10  states –

All devlopements should make provision for

a,Visitor parking.

b, General user drop off points,

c, Hackney carriage taxi ranks.

d.Private hire taxi drop -off points.

So why is a, b and d missing from this major revamp ?

How many passenegers get dropped off at this train station and what is the time it takes to unload passenegers before the vehicle moves away ? a few seconds, minutes?  then why is no allowance made for these passenegers  to alight from family members vehicles ?

 Why has this oversight happened in Salford  and at  Shudehill tram/ bus station ?  Do these councils, Transport for Greater Manchester and the railways only want taxi and bus commuters?   Silly isnt it to ask such questions but not to cater for all integrated transport services incluidng private hrie vehicles   is also silly.

Why is Salford council seen as pushing one transport provider at this revamped train station but not the Private hire trade or the family motorist ?  Lets face it the road is long enough to have several lay byes for all users but like Eccles Town Centre for the last 12 years councillors must still be  thinking taxis are 100 % disable freindly when they are clearly not to 100% of passenegers. Thats not only my view but the views of the community on the door to door  transport in Salford.

More Salford examples on the way shortly!

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