IT STARTS IN MANCHESTER  but may lead to Greater Manchester!{ lets hope so}

Somethings in the air to stop further restrictions being placed upon  private hire drivers and passengers, several meetings have already been arranged for the week begining17th June..

Manchester Operators and the Manchester private hire association have a meeting with councillor Murphy on Monday 17th June.

Manchester Operators and the Manchester private hire association have a  meeting with Transport for Greater Manchester {TfGM} on Tuesday 18th June.

The Manchester and Salford private hire associations will  be attending the Manchester  Confidential public meeting on Wendesday 19th June  to discuss bus lanes and Oxford Road.

Lets look at Shudehill bus station and see how PHVs and Hackney cabs play an important part in integrated transport, or should I state what a mess those in power have made in not allowing a pick up and drop off point at this new bus/tram terminus. The main integrated transport provider hasnt been catered for, nor are the thousands of residents when dropping off at this new bus /tram station.

For once the private hire trade in “MANCHESTER” is gathering momentum to protect  the rights of passengers to be dropped off or picked up where they wish. Well done to those who turn up, lets hope for once someone will listen to those millions of door to door passengers who use private hire vehicals over any other form of transport in Manchester.

It took over 10 years for Salford councillors and the Local community committee to relise  that not everyone can get about in Eccles Town Centre without the need to call a PHV, Salford Labour councillors J Mullen, M Mullen, P Wheeler, M Wheeler and Lisa Stone all voted in favour of allowing PHVs into Eccles Town Centre, so now lets see what Manchester Labour councillors do in Manchester? starting with Councillor Murphy, councillor may I ask don’t just listen to the bus companies or TfGM alone listen to your voters! thats the disabled, elderly and the young, they want to use transport of there own choice, {equality act} one they can afford and get at a minutes notice 24 hours a day, 7 days a week , 365 days a year in all weathers. 7.8 million PH door to door passengers in Salford are now being heard so why not millions of Manchester PHV passengers?.

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