At the last Manchester licensing liaison group meeting, two operators complained of a back log of applications, the answer from the council “they have taken on four more officers to deal with the back log of applications. Sounds good unless you know what’s about to come in force 1st October 2015 “ all councils must issue 3 year driver licenses and 5 year Operator licenses”  Nothing new in 3yr and 5yr licenses except  its now mandatory for councils to carry out, in the past there has always been an allowance for councils to decide if they wished to implement 3 yr and 5 yr licenses,.

Why have Manchester Council Officers and councillors gone against issuing 3 year driver licenses in the past?

With a drivers license being extended too 3 years and an Operators license going from one year to 5 years, Why on earth would Manchester  council employ more staff when instead of delivering 3000 licenses per annum they will be going to 3000 applications every 3 years. It shouldn’t be more staff employed; it should be less staff at a greatly reduced cost to both taxi and private hire trades.

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