Wanted 10 Greater Manchester private hire associations to come together to make decisions on issues that we all have in common. Manchester and Salford private hire associations have already agreed in principle to join the GMPHA.

Examples of issues in common.

Dealing with Transport for Greater Manchester  {TfGM}  i.e bus lanes, and integrated transport- Best Example of non conformative integrated transport – New Shudehill Bus Station, total  disregard for all other integrated transport providers, lack of drop off point and possibility of PH and Black cab drivers being fined especially after 10pm at week ends. Best example of wasted  Bus lane Victoria Train Station 24 hour restrictions when no buses are running between the hours of 1am – 5pm especially at week ends, hence congestion at certain times , waste of fuel, more emissions given off, more passenger complaints.

Dealing with Greater Manchester Councils {AGMA} i.e. vehicle age, school contracts, driver education etc. Example a level playing field for the trade.

Dealing with Manchester Airport. i.e. airport parking charges, delays with baggage etc.

Dealing with issues that can only be decided in court. { funded by 10 association committee rather than just one PH association} More on that major  issue later.

The list is endless but without a united decision making process from all 10 private hire associations together as one, we will continue not to be heard on such issues as dropping off disabled and elderly passengers in bus lanes etc.

Can any council in Greater Manchester  give a written statement/ policy on private hire drivers dropping off or picking up disabled or elderly passengers in bus lanes or in restricted areas?   This is an important issue in Greater Manchester that so far has been put to councillors in most GM  councils with most of them stating it needs all 10 councils to make a decision. Well the time has come for all 10 PH associations in GM to get an answer from both AGMA and TfGM rather than we continue to  upset  passengers.

How many PH  drivers in GM have been fined for following the equality act and dropping off the disabled and elderly where they wish?

Can you now see how much time is wasted going over the same issues in all 10 associations when one amalgamated association can get a decision based on a united front. AGMA and TfGM have never had a spokesman for the private hire or Hackney  Trade  in GM at any of the events I have attended in  Manchester or Salford, all other forms of transport have had a guest speakers to take the floor, its time for a shake up of the transport system in Greater Manchester that takes into account all transport providers especially the only one that works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year in all weathers at all locations which means door to door transport that’s availabe by picking up a phone.

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