Whats the possiblity of  Black cab and private hire trades coming together united as one in Greater Manchester on issues that we share in common.  Sounds a joke, but lets look at what this could achive? licensing fees, vehicle age, CCTV, driver safety, driver education, rules and regulations, enforcement and failure to agree with councils {which could result in heavy court costs} the list is endless but we both share a common belief that both trades need to be enhanced and protected so why not share a joint voice on issues that we all have in common, it makes sense to be united together as one on issues that affects us both.

We seem to be losing out to public transport and at events where policies are being made especially at TfGM and AGMA. We need to do something to protect our jobs so why not have a joint association meeting when we have issues that need to be discussed. Unity is strengh So lets hear your veiws?

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